We Make EP

by The Cuss

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All songs written and performed by The Cuss, ©℗ 2012 Magic Poncho Music BMI

Josh Goldberger: Guitar, Vocals
Wendy Adelson: Drums, Backup Vocals

Engineered and Mixed by Bart Thurber at House of Faith, Oakland, CA in January 2012. Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx, South San Francisco, CA in February 2012

Album design by Sean Bacon

Cover image by Jill DiBartolomeo, cherrychapstck.tumblr.com

Liner images by Carl Adelson, and The Cuss


released April 24, 2012

2012 Magic Poncho Music BMI



all rights reserved


The Cuss San Francisco, California

Smiles on our faces, hearts on our sleeves, chain grease on our jeans…

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Track Name: Year One
How did we get here anyway?
Where were you headed when I said your name?
What if I never got it wrong?
Where would we be now if I'd just stayed home?

Often an accidental chance
Never becomes a proper song and dance
But now we're rolling up our sleeves
Make it a habit, turn doubt to belief

Has it been a year? This dream it seems so clear
Taking all your time, and giving all of mine
Haters can't compete with lovers in the street
You make up my mind, please don't fall behind tonight

Am I just waiting in the wings?
Know I'd never push you to formality
Weren't we foxes all along?
Caught in a spotlight where we don't belong

I never cared about the rules
You never cared about the jewels
I always want you in my world
You always want to be my girl

We say we'll take it day by day
But is there any other way?
Aren't we where we're supposed to be?
I'll stay with you, you stay with me, okay...

Look at your abalone ring
A little material, a shell, a thing
Know it was always up to you, baby
No one could ever tell you what to do, could they?
Track Name: Slugs
Through the smoke, tonight I can see you, star
Who set you on fire? Who called you a liar?
And who sent you twisting down into this trail of scars?

Take my agenda, pretend it got lost on the way
No choice is not need, no love is not greed
And no place is safe once your soft side has had its say

For the moment I'm asking you only for tongue
What time is now? What time is it not?
What time have we lost drawing our lots from the young?

Am I breathing? This air feels unreal to me
No voice to believe, no heart to deceive
And no slug in this shell your fingers have plucked from the sea

In the morning I see a blue sky through the trees
How did we survive? How many denied?
How the hell can I face a new day without you beside me?
Track Name: Hellfire
There might be a limit, and maybe I have hit it
But baby I just pray you stay so patiently committed
My body has been breaking, my confidence is shaken
Blame me, maybe everything fate gave me was mistaken

No abuse is earned, it's luck and it will turn
Maybe I'm just lazy, or there's nothing new to learn

Pity, pity, pretty city lights cannot defeat me
Bury all my burden in this bowl that drains beneath me
Fire, fire, bloody hellfire found its way inside me
Now I can't embrace the angel lying naked right beside me

Try to get some rest, we go out less and less
Every night I spend at home with you is for the best
I've got everything to lose, I'll try anything you choose
Baby please don't make me pull the plug on drugs and booze

No excuses given for bruised I've kept hidden
Baby please don't lose faith on the truth as it is written
Track Name: Closer
Something here just doesn't seem right
My head is spinning and my chest feels tight
Try to understand a look in your eyes
I've seen it before, before, before

Before I met you I gave up my love
And all that it got me was push and a shove
Now here in your arms and now at arm's length
I don't have the strength, the fight, the pain

And I feel closer to death when you push me away
The way that you cry makes me want to stay
And I'll lie here with you until the break of day
I can't sleep, the heartbeats keep me awake...

The curve of your lips has taken a turn
Another down trend, a lesson to learn
Support or resistance? To heal or to burn?
I had a bad dream, a dream, just a dream

I feel like the streetlight gets into my head
Believe in the fiction of words left unsaid
I know what is real when we're lying in bed
I want you, I need you, I feel you, I feel you
Track Name: Trust
Tell me who ran off with the real economy?
Everything is happening at the same time
And there's so much slush in the simultaneous
I'm waiting for my baby on the bottom line

Bike to the beach, grinding metal teeth
Praying for relief from this blinding dichotomy
Back in the neighborhood, drinking in the sink
A wet cigarette might bring me back to reality

Sun is coming out, now we're leaving town
Cause no one else knows how to have fun anyway
How many more hours of this running around
Before we're undone and down to our final memory?

There's only one word left, so you can save your breath
Just give me trust, trust, trust, trust...